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Custom Soultions

Every project and site is different; each requires different removal needs, safety procedures and access points, and project management. Regardless of the project, if it produces a large amount of debris, trash or refuse, DisposAll can provide a variety of services from containers to custom designed solutions to suit your needs. 

What we can do...


Sustainability has become an essential part of every business across the nation. Commitment to maintaining a greener community while simultaneously ensuring the continued sustainability of equipment and merchandise has pushed many businesses to put more forward-thinking restrictions on recycling.

To assist businesses with maintaining a positive and impactful approach to sustainability, DisposAll partners with some of the leading providers in recyling.

Clean fill Landfills

Throughout the construction industry finding new clean fill sites is challenging at times. Knowing where to legally locate clean fill sites is extremely important to all the industry players.

Just as important are the other factors affecting costs, such as:

  • When you tell us were your job site is we will be able to send you our closest clean fill site plus pricing and hours of operation.

  • We always need your analytical soil report including the TCLP.  If the soils is Impacted we then need the TCLP plus BULK Analysis along with the soil report.

We can recommend the best clean fill sites for your location as it combines the best hauling rates, dumping rates and conditions with the closest clean fill site to use.

Your project costs will benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Compacting Services

Compaction equipment is ideal for those that want to maximize their waste load, reduce transportation costs, and reduce workplace hazards. Compactors are fully enclosed and utilize a mechanical compression system to condense the waste. For commercial and industrial sites this is a solution to increase the amount of waste they can dispose of at one time.

There are several benefits to using the compaction systems:


  • Savings are compounded significantly with fewer hauls, reducing collection costs of containers over time
  • Improves site safety and appearance as they prevent unauthorized access or disposal of material by warranting that waste and recyclables are contained

  • Cleanliness and sanitation by reducing fire hazards, odor issues, scavengers, insect and rodent problems, and overflowing dumpsters plus much more

Construction and Demolition

We understand the unique situations and time constraints the construction industry faces. In fact, one of our strengths is our ability to be flexible and adapt to your needs. Have additional requests? Give us a call; we specialize in problem solving.

Residual Waste Management

DisposAll provides residual waste management to companies throughout the Midwest. Residual waste is any non-hazardous waste resulting from an industrial, mining or agricultural operation.


DisposAll Waste Services commercial team is happy to assist you in navigating this approval process and completing the necessary paperwork in order to help you secure approval and compliance.

State of Illinois approved vendor.

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